Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Meet the Teacher & First Day of School

Going into first grade...

First day of first grade

First day of 8th grade

Until We Meet Again

Our move was so fast. Shannon & the kids were in Utah when we left Texas. It was a true tender mercy of the Lord that they had planned to travel through and stay in Arizona (where we all grew up) the weekend after we arrived. This allowed us to spend some time together and say bye. <3 It was a sad day. I love this family so much and we have followed them over the country for twenty years. Shannon & I have both been at several of the other's births, birthday parties, Survivor nights since 1999, and many other gatherings. We have lived with each other a handful of times. I love their children like they were my own. <3 To say I will, and already do, miss them is an understatement. <3 

My heart. Missing the older siblings. <3

Arizona Sky

The thunderstorms are beautiful! So much lightning. <3

Whirlwind Move

I will write more details on the move later…

Sterling was so awesome to ride with me from the Penske rental place to my house. Originally I was going to drive the 26' truck pulling the car on the trailer from Texas to Arizona. Instead (story coming soon), I only had to drive from the rental place to home (10 minutes). IT WAS FUN!!! Grateful I did not have to drive the entire trip. 
Bent was sick the week we were packing. He cuddled up under this black bin and fell asleep. :(

It was lovely having Ken drive so much of the trip home. A good amount of time Bella, Bentley, and I were in the back with the two cats. It was the easiest trip we've ever made. <3

Had to get a border shot

This was taken the day we drove into town and got the keys to our new house. Fun times. <3

My Summer Inspiration

I was listening to a conference talk this summer and the speaker spoke of Stephanie Nielson's story. It inspired me & I looked her up. I was so uplifted by her story of the power of motherhood. It reminded me the magnitude a mother has & helped me focus. <3 I love how Stephanie has a knowledge of the importance of being a mom.  

4th of July